While cops are killing blacks and law enforcement cannot cope with riots “heavily armed rednecks” came to protect small businesses
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While cops are killing blacks and law enforcement cannot cope with riots “heavily armed rednecks” came to protect small businesses


The violent and warlike protests provoked by the Minneapolis police and later spread to Los Angeles forced ordinary Americans to demonstrate the power of the Second Amendment and act as a deterrent in the fight against impunity for brutal police officers.

A viral video in which several heavily armed men express their support for protests, but not looting, has become a model for many Americans in similar situations. Business owners in peacetime rely solely on the police, but when they need to act, the police are powerless and armed people come to the rescue to protect those like them.

“Basically you see the records that cops keep. And cops are a lot less likely to try and tread on people’s rights when there’s other armed Americans with them,” said one of the men to Max Nesterak. “I figured it’s about damn time that some heavily armed rednecks stood with fellow citizens.”


According to the active citizens themselves, their goal was not an armed conflict with one or another side. They only acted as a frightening factor to deter the police from an even greater manifestation of violence against the population, and to stop uncontrolled looters from plundering local stores.

There were some accusations of racism. Seeing two white guys with guns, some claimed that these guys were targeting blacks and were ready to shoot any African American, but black armed defenders were visible in the background.

The rest of the owners, black business owners, also took up arms, not to encourage riots, but to protect their own stores and shops.

As the “popularity” of weapons has taken on different shades in recent days, the Michigan state representative Sarah Anthony has decided to emphasize the police’s helplessness in protecting the population and to oppose the equal power to the aggressive white activists who recently tried to capture the Capitol.

“One of Anthony’s constituents, a black firefighter, organized Wednesday’s capitol escort. While early reports focused on three black men with large rifles escorting Anthony, there were six participants, including two women, and some of them were armed with handguns,” Lynn said, according to The Guardian. “Five of the participants are black and one is Hispanic. Michael Lynn Jr, a Lansing resident, said he was frustrated to see his legislator being violently intimidated in her workplace. He said the escort was the first time he had ever chosen to openly carry his AR-15 rifle.”


A protest against police brutality in Dallas, Texas also went almost unnoticed. Dozens of armed African-Americans took to the streets in order to demonstrate their strength and that the police could only oppress the unarmed population.

“Armed citizens confront the police: nothing. Unarmed citizens confront the police: beaten, gassed. "Those white people in Michi-" Who said anything about Michigan? I'm talking about the Huey Newton Gun Club in Dallas, Texas. PROTEST ARMED,” says the post.



Author: Usa Really