Security protocols of the US president make Donald Trump coward who flees from his own people
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Security protocols of the US president make Donald Trump coward who flees from his own people


Growing mass protests across the country resulted in a two-day conflict between special agents and ordinary Americans in Washington, directly in front of the White House. The Secret Service immediately initiated the US President’s security protocols and evacuated Donald Trump, along with his wife and son, in a heavy-duty bunker.

Such behavior exposed the current government as incapable of “extinguishing the flame” and fearing its own people. In less than a day, #BunkerBoy and #BunkerTrump became trending on Twitter, collecting more than 200 thousand tweets.

Previously, the presidential bunker was used during the September 11 attacks, apparently, the Secret Service compared the discontent of Americans and several hundred protesters with terrorists.

Trump also added fuel to the fire when he called protesters in memory of George Floyd as ‘Thugs’. Twitter marked the US presidency as “violated the Twitter Rules” and “glorifying violence,” but left it available.

It is estimated that more than 60 members of the Secret Service and other law enforcement agents were injured in varying degrees of severity, reports CNN.

The officers and agents were injured when protesters threw “projectiles such as bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks, and other items,” according to the statement. “Personnel were also directly physically assaulted as they were kicked, punched, and exposed to bodily fluids.”

It became known that at least one person was arrested during the protest at the White House and 11 agents was taken to the hospital. According to the Secret Service, not a single protester was able to enter the White House.

Donald Trump spent about an hour in the bunker with his family. All this time, the president of the United States “couldn’t have felt more safe,” Trump tweeted.

Image: The White House

Author: Usa Really