‘Whites' Life Does Not Matter’ or no one cares when the Black сop kills an unarmed White guy
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‘Whites' Life Does Not Matter’ or no one cares when the Black сop kills an unarmed White guy


Attempts to reform the Minneapolis Police Department launched back in 2009 were unsuccessful. Moreover, a single incident involving a police officer and a suspect of different races will nullify all previous successes over many years.

In the current realities, it is increasingly possible to see how non-minorities are oppressed. In the eyes of the American people, a man with white skin has become, if not an enemy, then definitely an object of indifference and absolutely not resonating with the general perception of life in the USA.

The main and illustrative precedent of the indifference of the American people towards a white-skinned man was the murder in 2017 in Minneapolis. Amid the riots in 50 US cities due to the murder of George Floyd, the consequences of the death of white women, Justine Ruszczyk did not cause such a stormy reaction of the public.

The details of the case simultaneously echoed with the last two deaths of African Americans at the hands of the police. Black Breonne Taylor was shot and killed by a white cop in Louisville this year, and Ruszczyk was shot by a black cop, who was frightened of a woman in pajamas with a phone in her hand.

Officer Mohamed Noor, a refugee from Somalia, was the one who shot and killed Ruszczyk. Yes, there was discontent, Noor was even arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison, but not a single city was destroyed, no one killed the police officers who defend order, and no civilians were killed during the protests.

But the reform crashed.

“The 2017 and the 2020 episodes are a powerful reminder that the cultures of distrust and abuse are well entrenched, on both sides of the police equation, even in communities that attempt so-called police reforms,” read the Just the News article.

Multi-million dollar cash injections did not protect victims from police brutality.

And while the supreme government in the person of Trump and Attorney General William Barr demands to respond forcefully to the force, introducing troops into cities in which rioting protesters, vested with less power, sheriffs and ordinary policemen calm the riots, kneeling and joining peaceful marches.

Author: Usa Really