Donald Trump behind Joe Biden in the presidential race by 10 points
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Donald Trump behind Joe Biden in the presidential race by 10 points


The coronavirus pandemic and erupted riots across America have crippled the current US president, Donald Trump. The inability to respond quickly to threats of planetary and national-scale exposed the vulnerabilities of the current government, which Joe Biden took advantage of and pulled away from the ruling Republican.

A survey by ABC News/Washington Post, showed that 53 percent of registered voters will cast their ballots in favor of former Vice President Biden and only 43 percent remained on Trump's side.

Despite the deafening collapse of the US economy during the pandemic, Trump confidently held the lead in the presidential race, occasionally accusing Fake News Media of being unreliable.

And so, when the riots across the country reached a peak, and the president, whose weapon was diplomacy, decided to use what the government invested all the money that was supposed to go for free education, free medicine and improving the quality of life of Americans, the army.

The bringing hundreds of soldiers into the epicenters of protests even more militias their own people against the current government and Donald Trump, in particular. Thousands of Washingtonians came to the White House to personally express their distrust of the government, but instead of negotiating with the protesters, Trump ordered the people to be bombarded with tear gas and rubber bullets, while he himself hid inside an over-protected bunker.

All of these events, including the cowardice of the US president, undermined Trump's ratings and forced Joe Biden to be preferred.

Cross-comparison of polls from various media outlets showed the shaky leadership of one candidate for the post of head of the US over another. Over the past two weeks, Biden has widened his lead over Trump by 6 points, according to a RealClearPolitics average survey.

Author: Usa Really