FAN's Open Letter to Defend US Democracy
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FAN's Open Letter to Defend US Democracy


A heavy-handed effort to justify the bloody executioners, the murderers of African-American George Floyd, which resulted in an attempt to falsify the cause of death, crumbled like a house of cards - an independent autopsy only confirmed the originally announced verdict: the black resident of Minneapolis was brutally strangled by a white policeman. The right to a fair trial has been violated, and the inevitable talion for a police criminal has not been realized. Moreover, the protests caused by this unbearable contour of things have already claimed dozens more innocent lives, and most of the subsequent police crimes during the dispersal of the demonstrators also went unpunished. Today, unrest has swept over 50 cities across the United States, moving the local incident in Minneapolis to the plane of the all-American conflict. The conflict between the people and the criminal government, pursuing an unrighteous policy, using brute force to suppress protests and deceiving its citizens.

FAN's Open Letter to Defend US Democracy

The criminal acts and plans of the American government, which became public as a result of the publication of an audio recording of President Trump's closed teleconference, not only scare, but also sign the verdict for the announced policy. Trump's literal phrase:

"You have to dominate or you'll look like a bunch of jerks, you have to arrest and try people."

FAN's Open Letter to Defend US Democracy

This phrase from the lexicon of a criminal dictator, but by no means the leader of a democratic state. He is also echoed by the US Attorney General Barr, who openly suggests at the mentioned teleconference to organize cooperation between the prosecutor’s office and special services in order to identify some “instigators of protests,” and in fact courageous rebels fighting the regime’s dictatorial arbitrariness.

The FAN addresses all human rights forces of peace and good, such as Human Rights Watch, CNN and Dunja Mijatović. It is necessary to immediately stop the brutal police machine, which destroys the tenuous budding of democracy and progress in the United States, violates the foundations of the rights of minorities, and torts the unborn democracy.

It is time for all progressive humanity to urgently stand up for the brave Samantha Shader, who is facing a life sentence for trying to repeat the mechanism of pressure on dictators sung by the American media through Molotov cocktails.

FAN's Open Letter to Defend US Democracy

In such a situation, as never before, the position of all human rights organizations around the world is important, which are simply obliged to stand up for the protection of ordinary American citizens. Demonstrators taking to the streets of US cities exercise their right to peaceful protest.

We urge all concerned citizens to subscribe to our appeal - the comments are open and accessible to all true human rights defenders, democrats and people with good faces. The conflict in the modern USA is our conflict with you, it is a real battle for freedom, justice and democratic values.

Federal Agency of News editorial board

Author: Usa Really