Fort Lauderdale Police officer who pushed kneeled protester suspended
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Fort Lauderdale Police officer who pushed kneeled protester suspended


Hundreds of peaceful protesters were shocked by the actions of Officer Steven Poherence, who, with his push of kneeled protester, provoked the crowd into riots.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department announced the removal of Poherence and the initiation of an internal investigation against him. This time, the opinions of law enforcement and activists agreed that this act of disrespect was the starting point of the riots.

“When that happened, that kind of sparked the rage in everyone, ”The author of the video, Willie Loud said. “That’s when everything took a turn for the worse.”


Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione later reported that this was a rather scrupulous investigation and that the entire sequence of events is currently unknown.

“That officer has been removed from any contact with the public,” said Maglione. “He is relieved from duty basically while this matter is investigated. It is going to be investigated first and foremost to see if any Florida statutes were violated. In other words, a criminal investigation is going to commence that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is going to do. It’s not unusual in a case of police use of force.”

Soon after the incident with the pushing of a peaceful activist, the situation on the streets of Fort Lauderdale grew tense. Outbreaks of vandalism and clashes with the police began.

“Agitators shot fireworks and threw bricks at officers, and police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets,” reports WSVN.

Author: Usa Really