Newborn Baby Killed by Tornado in North Dakota Trailer Park
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Newborn Baby Killed by Tornado in North Dakota Trailer Park


WATFORD CITY, ND — July 13, 2018

At least forty people have been injured after a tornado through an oil patch town in North Dakota, Wednesday night.

According to emergency services, one person, a one-week-old boy, was killed directly as a result of the storm.

The tornado demolished about  100 buildings and structures, overturned recreational vehicles and campers, and damaged mobile homes.

The storm moved through Watford City, in the northwestern part of the state, shortly after midnight, hitting Prairie View RV Park the hardest. About 20 of the reported 28 injuries attributed to the storm occurred right there in the RV park.

122 structures in the RV park were completely destroyed, 79 sustained moderate damage and 120 escaped with minor to no damage.

A newborn baby died from injuries sustained when his family's trailer home flipped in the storm. The child's name was not released.

Emergency services are still trying to free a man who was pinned under the rubble of his destroyed mobile home.

National Weather Service meteorologist John Paul Martin classified the tornado as an EF2, which is defined by wind speeds between 111 and 135 mph. He said wind speeds reached 127 mph in Watford City.

He also said that it's possible that another tornado may hit the Watford City area in the next few days and that people need to be "weather wise" and prepared.

Clifford Bowden, 37, was in his recreational vehicle when the storm struck.

"My dog was with me and the next thing you knew the storm picked up my camper and slammed it on the ground. It felt like we were weightless," Bowden said. "It was scary. I feel like I'm a pretty tough guy. But, this storm, it made me shake uncontrollably."

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