The video reveals that the Philadelphia police falsified charges against a student
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The video reveals that the Philadelphia police falsified charges against a student


Mass protests against police brutality impacted Philadelphia. A flagrant case of unprofessionalism and abuse of power was exposed when videos from the site of the beating of an innocent student became viral.

According to the story, clashes between protesters and police on Monday led to the arrest of 21-year-old Evan Gorski. Authorities accused student with assault of a police officer by pushing him off a bike, causing him to break a hand, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Gorski was brutally beaten by police and arrested, but student lawyer R. Emmett Madden, as evidence of his client’s innocence, provided a 36-second video in which his client tried to separate the protester and the officer, and after being hit on the head with a club, Evan Gorski was pinned to the ground, arrested, and then charged with assaulting an on-duty officer.

The Philadelphia Police Department declined to comment, only specifying that they are currently evaluating “the propriety of the tactics employed” by the officers.

“The police were lying,” Madden said. “We had a protest against police brutality, and then police brutalize my client and try to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit.”

According to eyewitnesses and activists, the conflict broke out instantly. All the protesters say that the demonstration was peaceful, but the activists refused to leave the place of protest, to which the police responded with force and began to beat the protesters.

“We didn’t even know where exactly they wanted us to go,” one of the eyewitnesses Matthew VanDyke said. “They just started beating people. It was a bizarre escalation of force that came out of nowhere. The police just went nuts.”

Other shots show how dozens of protesters chant “We Are Peaceful!”, But after a second several of the protesters are handcuffed.

“Their job is to deescalate violence and protect our right to protest,” Brendan Lowry, founder of the @Peopledelphia Instagram account, who captured video said of police. “In this case, they did the opposite.”


Author: Usa Really