Financial Expenses Might Not Be All Your Problems in Case of a Car Incident
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Financial Expenses Might Not Be All Your Problems in Case of a Car Incident


GALION, OH — July 13, 2018

Jason Tupps, 20, a Crawford County Corrections officer has been arrested and charged with aggravated menacing in municipal court following a crash.

According to Galion Police Department information Tupps was operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and having weapons while intoxicated after an incident near 316 Kroft St. at around 7:46 p.m.

A woman "rammed into" the back of his vehicle, according to the dispatch activity blotter from the Galion Police Department. The blotter says the driver of that vehicle, Tupps, then proceeded to hold her at gunpoint on Kroft Street and told her "not to move or he would shoot her."

A Galion Police Department spokesperson said a full police report of the incident is not currently available, as it is still under investigation at this time. 

Tupps' lawyer, Adam Stone of the Stone Law Firm Ltd., issued a statement late evening, saying the charges were egregious and reported out of context. 

“We have serious questions about the manner in which this case was handled by the Galion Police Department and are investigating those issues presently.” the press release stated. “We look forward to defending our client and fully expect to successfully try this case to a jury in the coming weeks to exonerate him and allow him to put this sad, unfortunate situation behind him."

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