Press in the US is suppressed along with protesters during rallies
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Press in the US is suppressed along with protesters during rallies


The long-standing feud between the Supreme Government in the person of Donald Trump and the media has led reporters and journalists to become targets for suppression. Nationwide protests have uncovered the true face of the law enforcement system, and now the police, with particular cynicism, are attacking reporters who are at the epicenter of events.

Earlier, the US president described the riots in Minneapolis saying that "the whole world is laughing at us." As reporters cover the story on both sides, the government does not like the international community expressing support for the civilian population, not for the security forces that are trying to suppress the rebels as soon as possible.

Already, according to rough estimates, almost 150 media workers were attacked by the police, detained, their equipment was damaged or destroyed.

From May 31st to the present day, The Observers France24 and US Press Freedom Tracker counted «more than 300 incidents since the start of protests, including more than 54 arrests, 208 assaults and 73 physical attacks, 47 of which were made by police.»

At the same time, journalist Nick Waters recorded at least 144 cases when journalists covering the protests were arrested or attacked by law enforcement.

It is obvious that the work of the press to show everything as quickly as possible and not biased. To do this, you have to take risks. Clashes with looters and aggressive protesters are not uncommon.

Image: Prt Scr - @diGTV

Author: Usa Really