Alabama police broke the man’s jaw after he reported about the robbery
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Alabama police broke the man’s jaw after he reported about the robbery


A liquor store owner was robbed in March of this year and then beaten by the police on the same day. According to police reports, Kevin Penn was reported to have been robbed, and when a police patrol arrived at the scene, one of the officers dealt a severe blow to the face of the person seeking help.

According to local authorities, the officer, whose name was not disclosed, “neutralized” the threat due to the fact that the annoyed shopkeeper refused to put down a gun. The lawyer for the two-time victim, Carl Cole, said that his client informed the police that he had a gun, and then openly pulled out a clip and unloaded the gun.

This version is supported by video evidence and a recently published video by Alabama authorities.

Penn was taken to the ground, handcuffed and arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing governmental operations. Police accused him of obstructing their investigation of the robbery, according to court records, reports

Decatur Police Chief Nate Allen believes that the outcome of this incident was successful since everyone remained alive.

"I'd much rather have a punch than a shooting," he added.

Asked by journalists about the appropriateness of using force against the victim, Allen defended the officer and said that according to domestic policy, the officer should use the necessary amount, "to get the job done."

According to the latest information, the man who robbed the Penn store was arrested, and the officer who broke the owner’s jaw was sent on paid leave until the end of the internal investigation.

Author: Usa Really