African American arrested for dancing on the street: VIDEO
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African American arrested for dancing on the street: VIDEO


In the early morning hours of May 23, Northern California police received an anonymous report of a suspicious man dancing in the street.

"An African-American man is dancing in the street and clearly something is wrong with him," the report said.

Arriving at the scene, the police discovered Mali Watkin during his morning exercises. According to police videos and reports, the suspect resisted the arrest and was therefore handcuffed.

Watkin was at a loss that his daily ritual aroused suspicion in anyone and, moreover, forced the police to arrest him. Today, Alameda authorities keep secret the status of the officers who made the arrest.

After the video was released, Eric Levitt, City Manager made an official statement.

"On May 23rd some of our officers were involved in a use of force incident that took place in the 2000 block of Central Avenue around 7:45 am. Cell phone video regarding the incident has circulated on social media and raised understandable concerns from residents over how the encounter was handled. Today we are releasing the body worn camera footage from the case. In Alameda, transparency is important, and we believe open lines of communication create trust with our community. Due to concerns regarding the incident, we will be having an independent investigation. Some have questioned why it has taken some time to release this footage. Due to privacy concerns regarding our residents and state laws, we needed to redact individual faces in order to protect their privacy.

An independent investigation will now be conducted into the officers who conducted such a controversial arrest.

Author: Usa Really