“Check yourself, ne--o!” said Harvard professor to civil rights attorney
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“Check yourself, ne--o!” said Harvard professor to civil rights attorney


The talk show “Hannity”, from a discussion of the current deplorable situation in the USA, has grown into personal racial insults. An invited guest, Harvard professor Cornel West had to give a balanced assessment of the mass calls “to defund the police” and reasonably explain whether this was necessary, but after a few seconds, West cast out a racial epithet on civil rights attorney Leo Terrell due to disagreement.

Host Hannity began by listing the number of injured police officers during the riots but forgot to provide statistics on injured African Americans from police brutality before the protests began.

Expecting solidarity from the professor, the presenter did not take into account the fact that West was on the side of the BLM and really believes that the police are a criminal structure, along with those who are not controlled by the government.

“Do you support this madness of defunding the police?” Hannity asked.

West argued that “democratic control,” is necessary, but after he was reminded that the states in which riots broke out and demand the dissolution of the police are controlled by Democrats, West exploded.

Rights attorney Leo Terrell expressed his disagreement with the demand to disband the police, which further angered West.

“I will speak to you, black man to a black man. There is looting going on, and you tried — it is my turn. You are trying to conflate protesting and police misconduct. And shame on you. You are absolutely wrong,” Terrell said.

In response, West shouted: “Are you a Christian? Are you a Christian too?” West asked. “Then check yourself, negro!”

“Oh, my God. You have lost control. You are a dinosaur. You have lost it, sir. I am not part of your group. I am not part of your group. You have lost it, you are a dinosaur. You are wrong,” Terrell concluded.


Author: Usa Really