In America, Stopping a Shoplifter Can Get You Fired
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In America, Stopping a Shoplifter Can Get You Fired


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — July 13, 2018

A manager at a sporting goods store was fired after chasing down and tackling a shoplifter who tried running out with a handgun while threatening to shoot people with it, police said.

On June 29, Jason White stole a gun and several boxes of ammunition from a Florida Academy Sports store and  tried to run out. Dean Crouch, 32, tackled him at the store’s exit and disarmed him. White had a 40-caliber handgun, a stolen backpack with five boxes of ammunition and two magazines for a Glock handgun, police said.

Dean Crouch who had worked at the store for two years, was fired after the incident.

That decision gave rise to considerable indignation in the press and sharp expressions of disapproval from the public. However, some businessmen support this decision. They say Dean Crouch was not protecting the lives of customers but the goods (the store property), while putting  the people’s lives in danger. If the robber started to shoot back, he could have injured or even killed customers.

 In a private conversation, it was suggested that stores can even earn a profit when they are robbed, as all the goods are insured. This means that a theft is equivalent to the sale of the goods for the store owners.

White, according to court records, said he and his family were being threatened by an unknown person and he wanted the gun to “kill him."

“He repeatedly said ‘I stole and I admit to it’ and ‘I will steal again when I get out of jail,’” officers wrote in their report.

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