The US police feel betrayed and out for their own protest against the state governments decisions to defund departments
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The US police feel betrayed and out for their own protest against the state governments decisions to defund departments


It’s an awful milestone right now.


With all that is happening in Seattle and the declarations of nationwide defunding of police departments in the cities consumed by the BLM protest, it begins to terrify how fast the country is descending into chaos. What will happen to law and order?


The calls to limit the police abilities are now sounding throughout America. There will be a new police reform, there is no doubt left about it. And the most abysmal in this is that nobody even involved the cops in the discussion, nobody even asked their opinion. 


Chief of New York Police Union Mike O’Meara during a press conference on Tuesday fired back and said:

“Everybody’s trying to shame us,” he thundered. “Legislators. The press. Everybody’s trying to shame us into being embarrassed of our profession. You know what? This isn’t stained by someone in Minneapolis,” he said, waving his badge in the air. “It’s still got a shine on it, and so do theirs.”


New York mayor Bill De Blasio in his recent statement announced that the part of the police budget will be rerouted to other social programs. It’s quite expectable that it pushed the cops to make their own protest.

“We are committed to shifting resources,” de Blasio said. “The investments in our youth are foundational.”

“Stop treating us like animals and thugs, and start treating us with some respect!” O'Meara said. “We’ve been left out of the conversation. We’ve been vilified. It’s disgusting,” he added.

This is a total cowardice! The officers who serve the community and risk their lives every day when on duty are just left behind and abandoned. They feel betrayed. The people they were mostly protecting now are erring not on the side of the police but do everything to please the protestors, looters, and criminals.


The governments of the states showed their weakness and stupidity at its finest. The democrats bend their knees the white people wash the feet of the black religious leaders in a plain view of the whole world.


One man who killed George Floyd triggered the whole nation to stand against the department, against the rest of the cops who didn’t kill anyone. Besides, the "bad guys" have been punished, they've been arrested and sentenced. This is just not fair for the rest of the officers.


No doubt, there must be some changes in law enforcement policy, detaining tactics in particular but so far there is only one possible advantage of reforming police. Police officers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, stated the update of police policy on Monday. According to the statement, now they will have a duty to intervene if they see the other cops acting illegally or inappropriately.


"Each department member has the individual responsibility to intervene and stop any other member from committing an unlawful or improper activity, including but not limited to, acts of brutality, abuses of process, abuses of authority, and any other criminal acts or major violations of department rules and procedures," the policy states. "Successful intervention does not negate a duty to report."


Why does anybody still wonder that amid all this blaze of riots the cops are especially pissed off with all this anger focused on them? This is embarrassing. This is shameful. 


If this doesn’t stop in the nearest future the protestors will come to the governors’ thresholds and feeling impunity they will plant more disorder. And who will they call for help and protection? To which cops if there are no more cops, at least in its genuine meaning. 


They’ll call for the army. This is the case when the US army will be finally and for the first time since the year dot deployed inside the country. But this is an escalation of the civil war which is step by step already is coming closer and becomes more vivid.  

Author: Usa Really