Fake Cop Busted When He Tried to Pull Over the Real Cops
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Fake Cop Busted When He Tried to Pull Over the Real Cops


PHOENIX, ARIZONA – 13 July, 2018

Matthew Allen Disbro, a 44-year-old Mesa man, was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer after he tried to pull over real cops from the Arizona Department of Public Safety on Wednesday, AZDPS said.

 “On July 11, two AZDPS troopers were on patrol along State Route 51 in an unmarked yellow Ford Mustang which is used primarily to target aggressive drivers,” the officials say. “The troopers observed a black Dodge Charger equipped with law enforcement style emergency lighting visible through its rear window. A registration check of the license plate revealed it belonged to a private citizen.”

Shortly afterward, Disbro activated his Dodge Charger’s red and blue flashing lights and attempted to pull the troopers over.

The troopers did not pull over, at which point Disbaro drove alongside the troopers and yelled and waved his hand at the troopers to pull over, AZDPS said.

The troopers then identified themselves by activating the police emergency lights on their patrol vehicle and initiated a traffic stop on Disbaro.

Fake Cop Busted When He Tried to Pull Over the Real Cops

Disbaro was a uniformed armed security guard traveling in his personal vehicle, which had been illegally equipped with a police-style siren, lights and radio scanner.

“Motorists need to feel confident that when they are pulled over by law enforcement they are dealing with a state - certified peace officer. Criminal behavior like that exhibited by the suspect, undermines public confidence and makes it difficult for troopers and other law enforcement officers to perform their job,” said AZDPS Major Deston Coleman of the Highway Patrol Division.

Disbarro was arrested for impersonating a police officer. He was booked into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office jail.

Fake Cop Busted When He Tried to Pull Over the Real Cops

AZDPS asks anyone who had contact with Disbaro or has been stopped by a Dodge Charger with law enforcement style emergency lights, please contact department at 602-644-5805.

Author: USA Really