A Post-privacy America?
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A Post-privacy America?


USA — July 13, 2018

A former Athens resident, Benjamin Schneider, was convicted of secretly video recording a teenage girl while showering was sentenced to eight years in prison in an Athens County Common Plea Court.

The type of felonies are very common in countries in Asia, particularly in South Korea, and are becoming more and more prevalent in America.

Illegal videos recorded on “peep cams” can be easily accessed through  a simple google search.

The problem began a decade ago when the miniaturization of electronic cameras reached the point where they became impossible to detect at a glance. By this point it has moved far beyond the jokes of teenagers’  and become another criminal business opportunity.

It is time to find something more effective than catching one or two of these criminal peeping-toms due to luck. Society is waiting for electronic security specialists to propose something more significant to protect people's privacy.

Author: USA Really