New Jersey cop charged for assault after pepper spraying on a group of African American teens: Body cam video
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New Jersey cop charged for assault after pepper spraying on a group of African American teens: Body cam video


New Jersey authorities sent 31-year-old officer Ryan Dubiel on unpaid leave after watching a body camera video in which he sprayed pepper on a group of African-Americans who showed no resistance.

“Our Special Prosecutions Unit received the Internal Affairs complaint against Dubiel on June 5 and immediately began collecting all of the evidence to conduct a thorough and impartial review of the complaint,” said Acting Camden County Prosecutor Jill S. Mayer. “After careful review, it was clear Dubiel’s actions are not consistent with the State of New Jersey use-of-force policy.”

The shocking shots show that Dubiel and his partner are talking with a group of people and demand to show the documents when one of them tried to call, the officer immediately took out a pepper spray and attacked people.

Officer Ryan Dubiel reportedly changed nine police stations prior to this incident. In addition to the charges of assault, the prosecutor’s office initiated a Dubiel biography check to determine the reasons for the change of place of duty. At the moment, the investigation suggests that this is not the only case of excessive force.

“I commend Acting Prosecutor Mayer for acting swiftly to hold this police officer accountable for the appalling and completely unjustified use of force alleged in these criminal charges,” said Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal. “This officer, who has worked for nine different police departments, is a strong example of why we need a statewide licensing program for police officers— a proposal that I initiated and that I will strongly support when it is presented later this month to the Police Training Commission. Just as we license doctors, nurses, and lawyers, we must ensure that all officers meet baseline standards of professionalism, and that officers who fail to meet those standards cannot be passed from one police department to another while posing a threat to the public and other officers.”

Author: Usa Really