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A pill for a headache when you have cancer
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A pill for a headache when you have cancer


Greetings to all who wish to listen to our today's podcast about the latest news in the USA.

This week was very rich in extremely controversial news, moreover, all this is still fueled by mass protests across the country.

I would like to start with the fact that the war for racial equality affected a lot of lives. But sometimes, those who are just small gears in a huge machine called Democracy fall under the press.

Naturally, riots were triggered by the actions of irresponsible cops, who were always under the protection of the government, the foundations of which they so carefully kept all this time.

But now everything has changed, school districts are refusing police services. In some cities, officers were expelled from police stations, and some surrendered their own free will, because the government and city officials do not care about the balance in society, they cajole before who is strong at this point in time, and now civilians have become this force.

Dozens of criminal cases began to get out of the archives for review, and all this thanks to protests and hundreds of videos shot on mobile phones.

So, now, the fight against police brutality can be described as "a pill for a headache when you have cancer." The police only obey orders, serve on the orders of officials and the government, and all the hatred that they project on people of all colors is exactly as much as their bosses allowed them to.

Two examples:

The 1st one became very resonant last week when police officers pushed a 75-year-old man onto concrete and left to bleed. It is worth recalling that the local authorities announced a curfew specifically to suppress the protests, and when the cop complied with the order, the same authorities punished him. In solidarity with colleagues, 57 other officers refused to oppose BLM activists.

The second, is when absolutely unprepared special forces were sent to the epicenter of a violent protest, and then were severely criticized for their actions. Now they all resigned, simultaneously criticizing the authorities.

Now you can get to the news about how a bunch of anti-government rebels who captured part of Seattle. Anti-fascists expelled the police they hated from the precinct and declared autonomy, but as expected, absolute illiteracy in such a case appeared in the very first days.

Drunk anti-fascists wandered around the occupied streets, others were cut off from food and the final chord was the ignition of a garbage can. It was the trash can that forced the “independent” rebels to seek Seattle’s Fire Department for “international help”.

Well, now the most delicious news. There will be two of them.

The next to last, about an extremely annoyed looter who failed to rob the store because it was guarded by armed owners. The black woman recorded a 10-minute video in which she did not shun racist statements and even threatened to call a relative-detective. I advise you to look at our website.

And the last, unearthed secret of the entire BLM organization, which is so eagerly fighting with the US government that it has completely forgotten that it sponsors it. Not entirely of course. Only Democrats. Another reminder of Minneapolis is led by Democrat.

In fact, following the chain of donation links for BLM, it turned out that all international donations go to sponsor the Democratic Party. And since everything is anonymous, this is most likely a scheme for laundering money on a global scale and amid ongoing protests, this organization has gained unprecedented power to influence the US government.

Moreover, all this money is not taxed. And huge sums are allocated for the presidential campaigns of Democratic candidates.

I hope that I gave you something to think about during the next week, but for now that's all. Good luck to all!


Author: Usa Really