CHAZ "warlord" filmed arming minors with AR-15 rifles in Seattle autonomous zone
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CHAZ "warlord" filmed arming minors with AR-15 rifles in Seattle autonomous zone


The video appeared showing the so-called warlord of CHAZ, Raz Simone, arming the teen occupants of Seattle autonomic zone with semiautomatic assault rifles.

The video first surfed on Simone’s own June 10 Facebook Livestream. The footage captured Simone opening the trunk of a vehicle loaded with the firearms eventually turned out to be the AR-15 rifles. Then a person looking younger than a 21-year-old can be seen messing about with a rifle.

The car used in delivering the weapons to CHAZ was a local Uber.

"I pulled up, I had a request up in the war-zone [CHAZ]," the Uber driver said. "There's two kids smoking a joint ... and they said you can't wait here. And I said, 'I'm Uber, I'm going to wait here.' And I said, 'This is America, I'll go where I want.' And they both pulled out guns and stuck them to my f***ing head."

And this is a gross misdemeanor to hand an assault rifle to a person under the age of 21, according to the Washington legislation which went into effect last year. So now Simone made those guys in the video felons.

One more thing that breaks this law in CHAZ is that according to the law, anyone between age 18-21 can possess an assault rifle or pistol in their place of residence or business, on real property under their control or when moving houses or traveling “to and from” allowed storage locations, as well as in the case of selling to those over 21.

Author: Usa Really