A Police Officer Almost Killed 4 Unarmed, Black Teens
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A Police Officer Almost Killed 4 Unarmed, Black Teens

Spencer Platt

MINNEAPOLIS — July 13, 2018

Minneapolis Park Police are investigating officers' actions and a 911 call over an alleged assault that led police to detain four unarmed black teenagers, with one officer allegedly wanted to shoot at the teens.

According to 911 calls, unknown teens with sticks, knives and a possible gun in a backpack came to Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Then they were assaulting one of the passers.

The police arrived at the scene, but no one there not found. Then they stopped four boys, who were ages 13, 13, 14 and 16 and conducted to their police car.

After police arrived at the scene, one officer "did unholster his firearm and point it in the general direction of the four suspects," described the park board what was happened.

Two of the teens were in handcuffs in front of a police car.

Brianna Lindell wrote on Facebook later that the police was clearly harassed the boys.

"Officer was spouting racial slurs at them and aggressing them with a metal trash can lid and saying he had a knife," Lindell wrote in the post.

The video shows one of the handcuffed boys shirtless in front of the car. Lindell said he "was begging" for his shirt because of mosquitoes. When her partner threw the shirt to the boy, Lindell said a police officer "jumped out of the squad car and started yelling at us that we were interfering with an arrest."

And what's interesting about this case is that no weapons were found on that teens. Three of the teens were released at the park; one was a runaway and later released. None of the teens allegedly were injured, the park board said.

The police were investigating the origins and validity of the initial 911 call.

Park police chief Jason Ohotto and superintendent Mary Merrill requested an independent investigation into the officers' response to "determine that park police policies, procedures and laws were followed," the park board said in a statement.

"Because of the police involved shootings that have happened here in Minneapolis and around the country in recent years, I, like many of you, was very disturbed by what I saw," he said.

A police officer who allegedly threatened teenagers has been suspended.

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