A gang of black teenagers brutally beats a white man at the exit of a store: Video
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A gang of black teenagers brutally beats a white man at the exit of a store: Video


A shocking attack was filmed on a surveillance camera at one of the Exxon store in Harris County, Houston. From the first frames, you can see how a white man walks the parking lot at the entrance holding packages with goods, four black guys are walking towards him.

“Black Lives Matter, b****!” one of the gang members shouted and stroke the victim in the head.

Click2 Houston reports that a male victim identified himself as Mason. In his interview, Mason said that the words in the store were the cause of the attack. While he wanted to pay for the purchases, a group of bandits got ahead of him at the cash desk.

“I kind of looked over and said, ‘There’s a line for a reason,’” Mason said. “They started, like, mocking me and stuff.”

Mason's girlfriend said she was stunned when he came home.

“His face was all bloody and he was holding his bags,” Kelli said.

The incident occurred on Sunday at around 7 pm. It is not known to date whether the Harris County Police Department has begun to investigate this case and whether it will be classified as a hate crime.

After this attack, Mason and Kelly were completely disappointed in the BLM movement and its followers, who use the slogan for violence.

“That’s not what the (Black Lives Matter) movement is about,” Mason said. “Not to be used as an excuse (for violence).”

This is not the first case of brutal attacks by well-organized black gangs throughout America. In the past years, there have been dozens of cases where the so-called minorities brutally attacked white people for no reason. Each of these attacks was like another, the group always outnumbered the victim, the attacks were sudden and the victims were exclusively white people.

Author: Usa Really