Duende Diary (II)
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Duende Diary (II)

USA Really

July 11th

I cleaned the house. Nothing interesting. My mistress can't find the earrings. I'm thinking of putting it in the cat tray.

I had a conversation with a parrot. He told a story about how in Ohio a seven-year-old set fire to a playground. The police said the boy said he started the fire by igniting rubber pellets at the playground. He then tried unsuccessfully to stomp out the fire as it spread, but the fire spread quickly and consumed the entire playground. There were no injuries, but  $25,000 in damages were reported. And now everyone's talking about the way to punish the arsonist. But nobody discusses the real problem: Why do they construct playgrounds in the area with materials that are easy to burn?  Were there any tests? Who is responsible for choosing those materials?

“Forget it,” I said. “They never speak about the really important questions in public. They never tell the truth, at least all the truth. For example, this month Forbes once again showed itself to be a biased and false media outlet. It put Kylie Jenner on the cover as the youngest self-made female billionaire. She is 20, owns Kylie Cosmetics company which earns about $ 900 million since its launch in 2015. But it’s not true. Not all true... Forbes forgot to point out that the girl is from the Kardashian family, and she didn't start from scratch.

July 12th

In the afternoon came the pigeons, they delivered a package from my cousin from our previous home and hardly bargained for the payment. They agreed on a half a loaf of bread in crumbs. Quite brazen! They referred to inflation as justification for their steep price.

My cousin says he's doing fine, even better than he was. His new Mistress is strict but fair.  He feels comfortable and sent a video.


She is really good. Lucky he is... "And personally for you, he asked me to give you that... " said the pigeon and took a shit on my head.  It seems he found the box I promised to dig out...

Author: El Duende