North Carolina officials urgently dismantle Confederate statues to get ahead of protesters
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North Carolina officials urgently dismantle Confederate statues to get ahead of protesters


Early yesterday morning, Raleigh city officials ordered the demolition of two statues of the Confederation to protect them from the fury of BLM activists who hung the other two “reminders” of slavery and racism the day before.

Recalling the many years of struggle with the city authorities, Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper initiated the demolition of monuments to avoid riots in the future. According to official information, the court blocked the demolition of monuments, citing the preservation of historical heritage.

“If the legislature had repealed their 2015 law that puts up legal roadblocks to removal we could have avoided the dangerous incidents of last night,” Cooper said.


“The statues removed Saturday include one statue dedicated to the women of the Confederacy, and another placed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy honoring Henry Wyatt, the first North Carolinian killed in battle in the Civil War,” reports AP. “Both statues stood for over a century.”

Despite the fact that they are historical monuments, the aggressive crowd on the night of Friday to Saturday toppled two statues of two Confederate soldiers and hung by the neck on one of the pillars, previously dragging them through the streets of the city.

This behavior of protesters was criticized by Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest. In its official statement, Forest accused Gov. Roy Cooper in promoting vandalism and looting.

"North Carolinians should be shocked by the utter lawlessness that occurred in downtown Raleigh once again last night, this time on the State Capitol grounds. While Gov. Cooper shifted blame when our cities were looted and buildings were damaged, he has no excuses this time. Last night’s destruction occurred on state property, right next to his office. It is clear that Gov. Cooper is either incapable of upholding law and order, or worse, encouraging this behavior. The essence of a free society is the rule of law. When our elected leaders turn a blind eye to chaos, destruction, and disorder, society begins to unravel," Forest said.


Author: Usa Really