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Black Is Color Of A New Era
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Black Is Color Of A New Era


A short list will allow you to understand what topics will be today. So, I’ll say right away, today we will review some consequences of what little by little the society in the USA is turning into.

First of all, amid the wave of popularity of news about African Americans, I’m saying that there will only be black news about black guys today, we are following the trends, don't judge too harshly.

The news of the baptism and healing of people in a plastic bath at the place of George Floyd's death. Stunning news, it is a pity that this is not the fruit of a sick imagination of some fanatic, but a grim reality. At the heart of this event is the attempt of one church to gather a large number of new followers, using the death of a black guy, a criminal in the past, who at the right time and the right place was the victim of police lawlessness.

The next news is about Seattle Autonomous Zone. This is a hot button for the US government, but a quite acceptable situation for officials of a lower rank, for example, the mayor of Seattle, who is delighted that Black was able to win a piece of land.

There was a lot of news about CHAZ, but the most terrifying was the one in which one of the occupants began to arm the children on the street. It is not completely clear whether they are going to "go on the offensive" and seize new areas of the city or whether they are going to defend autonomy "to the last drop of blood", it is only obvious that they are not familiar with diplomacy and common sense.

And hereafter, I would like to talk about what the US colored population simply does not believe in - it's about racism against the Whites. Yes, you heard right, this thing is real! So, two manifestations of such a "mythical" act of hatred have occurred in recent days. One in Houston, and the second in Michigan.

So the second one shocked the whole of the information space. Briefly, two black brothers went to the store and one of them heard that the store employee said “nigger”, I’ll tell you a secret, this version was not confirmed and was totally the lie. And actually the bravest of them decided to kick the white guy, simply because he could do it. The police are investigating, but for god sake, the entire US law enforcement system is now terrified and will not charge the African American with assaulting a white man.

And the case in Houston is not quite racism, but rather a tendency, a sad tendency. Facts: The white guy was beaten by a mob of black guys. Motive: the gang did not like that they were not allowed to the cash register out of turn. What the attackers argued for their actions, you won’t even need three attempts, you already know everything, Black Lives Matter. The result, trying to prove that black is not criminals black commit crimes, absurdity.

By the way, the opinion that “white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole,” is supported by one radical university teacher. The guy gained fame after “someone”, under the word “someone "I suspect this very teacher, otherwise who else would delve into Facebook posts of 3 years ago.

In the wake of a racial war, Irami Osei-Frampong decided that now was the right time to urge the black community to take up arms against the white, and of course he said that this was not a call for violence, in his opinion, it was a reality.

And finally, what led to the impunity of black guys who were oppressed and enslaved. In general, a group of armed black people blocked passage on a street that is not far from the Rayshard Brooks death site, but only for white people.


Author: Usa Really