Wisconsin is out of control: Crowds of protesters organize lynching and burn down the buildings
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Wisconsin is out of control: Crowds of protesters organize lynching and burn down the buildings


Recent protests in Wisconsin show that a liberal attitude toward "peaceful protests" turns into uncontrolled riots, during which government buildings are seized and officials beat.

Over 300 people blocked the Dane County Jail, which contains a black Devonere Johnson accused of participating in violent protests.

“Devonere Johnson, 28, was arrested after causing a disturbance in a restaurant on the Capitol Square, according to Madison police and video of the incident. Videos of the arrest — some circulating on social media and others provided by the Madison Police Department — show as many as five officers taking Johnson to the sidewalk and carrying him to a police squad car after Johnson initially resisted arrest,” the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

What activists called the fight against police racism and brutality, soon after the blockade of the prison began, forced passersby to join the protest for the release of Johnson. All dissenters were severely beaten.

“This is not a peaceful protest, so if you came out here for a peaceful protest, you missed it,” one organizer said, according the State Journal “We’re done being peaceful. Now we demanding justice.”

Among the victims at the hands of the protesters was gay liberal senator Tim Carpenter. He captured the moment of the attack and posted the video on social networks.

Citing the helplessness of the judiciary, an angry mob took justice into their own hands and burned down the home of the alleged pedophile in Milwaukee. The activists thought that there were two kidnapped girls inside, but they were not there, and the house was burned down.

Arriving at the scene, police were also attacked. According to preliminary data, seven police officers were injured and three more activists received bullet wounds.

“Three victims were shot during this event, none by police,” Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said at a press conference. “We cannot allow an unruly crowd to determine what that investigation is,” he said. “What you had today was vigilantism.”

The final chord of the riots was the shameful demolition of two statues that did not represent racism.

“They ripped down and soiled the famous, seven-foot Forward statue, a proud symbol of progress created by a Wisconsin female artist nearly 130 years ago,” reports The Federalist. “Then they proceeded to drag down and decapitate a statue of Hans Christian Heg, a Union colonel who fought and died in the Civil War in large part because he abhorred slavery. They dumped what was left of the statue in Lake Monona.”



Author: Usa Really