Buffalo will get a lawsuit after the police beat a local resident
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Buffalo will get a lawsuit after the police beat a local resident


According to the official version of the police, two officers stopped the 30-year-old Quentin Suttles for violating traffic rules, during a conversation, the police thought that the car smells of marijuana. During a search of the Suttles, officers threw the man to the ground and began to beat him.

“My eye got broken in two different places,” Quentin Suttles said according to WKBW. “I’m seeing double vision.”

On the record, you can hear that the officers say to pull their hands out of their pockets, although the driver did not keep his hands in his pockets. Then, the video shows how Buffalo Police Officers Ronald Ammerman and Michael Scheu used excessive force.

The entire battle between the officers and the Suttles was captured by a random passerby.

The defendants, in this case, are the city, the police department, Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood, and both officers, who beat the plaintiff.

In justification, Ammerman and Scheu stated that the Suttles “tried to eat drugs” and they tried to prevent it.

"While conducting pat down, searched defendant did push off vehicle and fight with officers," the police report states. "Defendant continued to fight and reach in his pants, ignoring officers command to stop resisting."

The Erie County District Attorney's Office is currently conducting an internal investigation. Both officers remain in service.

Author: Usa Really