Biden’s rally in Pennsylvania was surrounded by Trump supporters
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Biden’s rally in Pennsylvania was surrounded by Trump supporters


Trying to return to the rhythm of the election campaign and organize a series of speeches in front of potential voters, Joe Biden did not expect a stopover in Pennsylvania to turn into ridicule from hundreds of pro-Trump followers.

Upon arrival in Lancaster, Biden could see how MAGA supporters lined the street with shouts of "Four more years!" and "U-S-A!" and posters in support of the current US president.

At some point, a truck with Trump symbols drove up to the venue.

According to Joe Biden’s plan, his rally was held in conjunction with a lawsuit to invalidate the national health care law.

"I think it’s cruel, it’s heartless, it’s callous,” Biden said of Trump’s attempts to dismantle ObamaCare. "It’s all because in my view he can’t abide the thought of letting stand one of President Obama’s great achievements."

And at the end of his speech, Biden again plunged the public into bewilderment, saying that already 120 million people died during the coronavirus pandemic, although in fact in the USA there were 124 thousand deaths associated with COVID-19, and the total number worldwide not reached 500 thousand people.


Author: Usa Really