EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Israeli Politician Avigdor Eskin
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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Israeli Politician Avigdor Eskin


How Mass Media Uses The Fears Of Common People And How Open And Honest Communication Between Trump And Putin Can Overcome The Tension.

Avigdor Eskin:

I tried to examine it actually. What is the real reason for such an outburst? It was not concern; it was a horror, what we saw. We haven't seen before, let's face it, we hadn't seen that before. Americans reacted in such a way that any kind of propaganda or ideological battle or struggle, which they faced before, never before why and I found certain answers examining the statements of their former CIA directors - people like Michael Hayden or someone like George Friedman. I think we can take something from them into consideration, at least to consider what they say. I'm not trying to be partial here, just trying to deliver their message. Michael Hayden who was director of the CIA and also was director of National Security Agency, he was in charge of all listening, all spying, cyber spying - he was the guy in charge of all that.

He was asked why we are so vulnerable to the fact that Russians broke into somebody's e-mail, didn’t you do things like that on a daily basis? And he said, “Listen, if we could have looked into some Russian political party’s mailbox, of course, we would have done that, but then we would have never leaked into Wikileaks.”

And the same thing we heard from George Friedman, “We can understand why Russia gave asylum to Snowden – it’s how the world operates, it's how we live in this world. Yes, they did what was good for them in this case, even if it meant undermining us, so not too bad, but they showed too much so as to humiliate us.”

These are points for consideration. One can consider it. It's a matter of negotiation - sitting and discussing it openly, concerning exactly what should be done, and what should not be done. We should talk not like friends here, but like partners and I think the meeting between President Putin and President Trump will be the perfect opportunity to get some working groups of dialogue and more.

The recent agreement between the United States and China from 2015 on cybersecurity, for instance, - I think Russia and the United States now can go exactly for the same thing. And also a dialogue: what's the game, what we're going to do and what we don't do - it can be discussed. Everybody can understand, I think,  American concerns but people have to understand Russian concerns as well.

When things are in such way, let's say a ‘controversial way’ in Russia, it becomes a matter of concern to the State Department, so the American media - not now, not during the time of Trump - is changing. Not 100%, but it's changing. But we saw this before.

But not everybody who is arrested in Russia as a terrorist is a saint. Sometimes Russians actually arrest terrorists and the fact that today is the World Cup, the level of security is very high because Russian security took care of this. Otherwise, foreign tourists and foreign soccer players would be in danger. We saw it in many other places. Here the people are also doing their job in terms of security. They face the same ISIS terrorism; they face other terrorist groups here all over the place. They faced it and they're quite successful.

So I think the Americans should see some positive signs concerning what Russians are doing, Russians should also see positive signs about what Americans are doing and when they meet they’ll discuss the matters of misunderstanding, controversy and even bitter, bitter, bitter aggravation, which we see now.

The most important thing, well you mentioned freedom of speech, you mentioned the fact that Americans promote freedom of speech. Let's talk to them, let them talk to us - to Russians, Israelis to Poles, Ukrainians to Georgians, let's talk. In a nice way, a friendly way, let's choose the right language. It can be English or Russian, well I can freely talk also in Hebrew or Aramaic if you want. Or sometimes I can use Yiddish - we'll find the language. We need a good mood, good atmosphere, and good spirits as well as somebody in the United States whom you know very well, said: “We shall overcome!”


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