Antifa tried to burn North Precinсt in Portland but police made the cowads run
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Antifa tried to burn North Precinсt in Portland but police made the cowads run


Antifa have failed to set up another autonomic zone now in Portland on Friday and was dispersed by the police after trying to block the zone and set the North Precinct on fire.

Early morning the activist of Antifa attacked police precinct in Portland and pelted it outside with objects like glass bottles. They were attempting to block the people inside the building so the result could be extremely sad as many officer could just burn there.

The bastards used wooden beams to nail them to block the side doors and pushed a blazing dumpster to them along the west side of the building.

“The only good cop is a dead one” was spray painted on the walls of the precinct. The Antifa members also repeated the Seattle scenario and started with looting the businesses in the area.   

Chief Chuck Lovell called the actions “not only reprehensible, but they’re evil.”

However, these actions were not supported by other black leaders of the community and they called them “acts of cowards.”

“They blasted those responsible for undermining the Black Lives Movement and causing damage to Black-owned businesses in an area where the Black community has struggled to maintain its historical hold. Mayor Ted Wheeler called the destruction “a horrible, horrendous miscalculation,” the Oregon Live reported.

But the vandals didn’t take into account that this time police won’t let them have their vile work done. There are some videos posted on Twitter showing the moment when the Antifa cowards run when the police begin to do their job. Antifa kids were so taken aback they fell all over themselves trying to get away.

Author: Usa Really