The Mississippi decided to get rid of the state flag because it is a symbol of white supremacy
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The Mississippi decided to get rid of the state flag because it is a symbol of white supremacy


Since that fateful day, when the convicted criminal George Floyd, who later became a martyr, died at the hands of the Minneapolis policeman, all historical monuments and symbols became the subject of fierce debate. In addition to the unauthorized demolitions of the monuments to generals and other historical figures, the authorities of various states began to provide a “non-racist” and inclusive environment, by removing the Confederate flags and moving the surviving monuments to safe places.

The last in this line was the flag of the state of Mississippi. To preserve their posts in the government apparatus, officials and lawmakers follow the trends that a progressive society dictates to them, consistently destroying American history.

The House of Representatives approved the bill by voting 91-23 on Sunday.

According to official information, Governor Tate Reeves promised to sign the bill in the near future and set a vote on the updated flag in November.

Turning to history, 19 years ago an attempt was already made to replace the current flag with “less racist,” but then the initiative failed. Also, among the indigenous inhabitants of the state of Mississippi, there are no contradictions with the flag, this idea was inspired by the black society, which was offended by the Confederation.

"My ancestors were beaten and traumatized, and it was under that flag," CBS News conveys the words of Jarrius Adams, a political activist that advocated for the change. "There are a lot of moments when I'm not proud to be from Mississippi, but this is definitely a moment that I'm extremely proud to be from Mississippi."

Image: Ken Lund / Flickr 

Author: Usa Really