Five Days of the POTUS Tweets: Fighting the “Deep State” and the Road to Helsinki
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Five Days of the POTUS Tweets: Fighting the “Deep State” and the Road to Helsinki


July 16, 2018

President Trump has Tweeted a great deal about Russia and deep state affairs recently, sometimes venturing into "controversial" waters while doing so.

On July 11, five days before the summit meeting in Helsinki, Trump criticized the German government and their negotiations with Russia for the Nord Stream II project, saying, “Germany has just started paying Russia, the country they want protection from.”

Three days later, July 14, Trump, criticized the Obama administration for letting “Russian individuals work” during his term. There is no doubt these tweets were directly connected to the accusations of “meddling” in the American Presidential elections of 2016.

He also pointed out that Obama wanted “Crooked Hillary” to win, so he didn’t intervene, despite the fact that he had all the authority to do so.

Yet, yesterday, right after the end of the World Cup finals match between France and Croatia (4:2), Trump praised Russia, and President Putin in particular, for the organization of “one of the best tournaments ever.”

President Trump then tweeted that relations between Russia and the US have never been worse, and even called the current situation a “witch hunt”. He also commented on his trip to Helsinki in a series of three tweets.

The summit will take place today, July 16, 2018, in Helsinki, Finland. The main goal of the summit is the normalization of Russian-American relations, which came under threat after the events of 2014 in Ukraine and Crimea and allegations of Russian “meddling” in the American Presidential elections two years ago. The Syrian crisis is also on the agenda for the meeting.

This isn't the first time that Helsinki has played host for vital international talks. Back in 1975, the Helsinki Accords lowered the tensions between the Soviet bloc and Western countries.

However Liberal media, such as CNN, keeps on blaming President Trump for being sympathetic to Russia, not even taking into account that it’s quite normal for heads of state to meet and discuss issues of mutual concern. 

Author: USA Really