New Jersey cancels restaurant re-opening because pandemic is not stopped
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New Jersey cancels restaurant re-opening because pandemic is not stopped


New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced that the state was ready to abolish self-isolation, but a recent surge in coronavirus infection has forced local authorities to postpone the reopening of “outdoor amusement parks, bowling alleys, museums, libraries, and other businesses,” reports Forbes.

Also, the total reluctance of residents to take precautions in a post-quarantine situation led to the second wave of the pandemic. In particular, the main blow fell on institutions intended for mass visits.

“Given the current situation in numerous other states we do not believe it is prudent at this time to push forward with what is, in effect, a sedentary indoor activity – especially when we know that this virus moves differently indoors than out, making it even more deadly,” Murphy said Monday at his regular COVID-19 briefing.

Last week, the administration announced that it would punish people who violate social distance. Multiple videos became viral in social media, capturing crowds and dances of people indoors without masks.

“I get it. By the way, we all get it. There is pent up emotion to get back outside. We all want to be out,” Murphy said a COVID-19 briefing last week. “But there is no reason to be a knucklehead. Keep your distances. Wear your masks. Be smart and courteous – the world just isn’t about you. It’s about all 9 million of us.”

Image: New Jersey National Guard 

Author: Usa Really