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True Face of Black Supremacism
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True Face of Black Supremacism


'Weekly podcast” again here so you can listen about recent controversial news from us, enjoy!

First of all, I would like to clarify that with the beginning of mass protests, the Americans completely lost the instinct for self-preservation. The pandemic is not over! Everybody is still at risk of getting COVID-19!

But judging by the recent events, the goddamned virus does not bother anyone anymore - the protesters who wear masks obviously wear them to avoid criminal prosecution, the rest have already forgotten that coronavirus is still in business.

The absurd staging in which Whites acted slaves had the opposite effect not only on ordinary people, but also on the Black Lives Matter movement. The organizers of this circus overestimated the fanaticism of the protesters and hoped that this stupid image of a “white slave” would encourage Black to become more active.

In general, these dubious characters were expelled from the protest, and the white slaves could not join the protests against police brutality and racism, because to some extent they themselves became images of racism.

There was not a lot of very Hot news over the past week, so we can analyze in more detail those what we have.

So, now let’s walk through the so-called equality fighters. If you notice, BLM does not actively fight against racism as a phenomenon, but rather against the dominance of whites, step by step driving them out of their lofty perches in the hope that tolerance will play into the hands of the black population.

Therefore, I want to again raise the topic of discrimination against teachers because of their skin color. Over the past two weeks, there have been several occasions when white professors resigned on dubious pretexts or even simply because activists began to get angry.

And today we turn our eyes to the next Black professor, even from the UK, but BLM is already there. So when a black professor says “White lives don’t matter,” the Cambridge leadership defends that character.

The true face of Black Supremacism.

And in support of the previous arguments, I suggest you get acquainted with those cases where the Blacks are not interested in the movement if they become victims of the black cop. To your attention, the story of a father who lost his son, was looking for help, but did not get on the agenda and only when the resonance reached a national scale, the opposition dug up the case and rubbed the whole BLM movement in it.

Speaking of indifference, I repeat, for BLM ONLY black lives are important, and not brown, yellow, red and so on. Another such example occurred recently in New York when the police killed a mentally unhealthy man, wait for it, to the applause of neighbors! So they just stand, watch the suffering of a man and clapped. Tolerated society, BRAVO!

I’m pretty sure that BLM heard this story but I doubt that they were interested in some casual death of nonblack guy, so guys, make some assumptions.

And finally, one of the most popular cartoons in history, The Simpsons, has also been implicated in a racial scandal. Well, not a direct script, but the voice actors. Another group of radicals did not like the fact that the white guy voiced the black character, but for some reason nobody cares when the black guy PLAYS the role of a real white historical figure!

Think about it! And think again, you can’t allow paranoia to defeat common sense.


Author: Usa Really