New Mexico ranger shot twice in unarmed driver due to speeding and handcuffed already a dead man
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New Mexico ranger shot twice in unarmed driver due to speeding and handcuffed already a dead man


Since the end of March, the family of the 25-year-old Charles “Gage” Lorentz has been unable to obtain answers and justice in the case of his death. According to the official version, the man was stopped due to speeding at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, he was unarmed, shocked and received two bullets, one leg and one heart.

A shocking video shows how the National Park Ranger Robert Mitchell requires the driver to turn around when the driver refuses, Mitchell uses the teaser, then the clip breaks for almost half a minute and recording resumes at a terrible moment when the ranger shoots at point-blank range at Lorentz and then handcuffs already on a dead man.

According to the footage, Lorentz does not believe that because of speeding the policeman will use deadly weapons and even makes fun of him when the ranger points a teaser at him.

“Oh, come on, get real with it,” Lorentz said. “Other one.”

KOB 4 managed to get a record from the body camera of Robert Mitchell.

Due to the fact that key events were not captured on camera, the ranger's testimony was taken as an explanation. According to his story, the teaser was ineffective and Lorentz attacked the ranger, which forced the officer to use the gun.

“That’s when I shot him with a Taser, it did nothing,” Mitchell tells an Eddy County sheriff’s deputy later. “I went dry stun, he hit me somewhere right here on the side of my head. The fight was on, he grabbed me around the neck, he tried to push my head into the push bar, and I came up and fired one round. I don’t know if I got him or not, but I definitely got him on the second one and he crumpled.”

By timeline, Ranger Robert Mitchell was not in a hurry. Only three minutes later he put handcuffs on the lifeless body and after another five he took out a first aid kit. In total, more than 12 minutes passed before Mitchell took at least some first aid measures.

An autopsy revealed that the victim was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Moreover, a search of the car did not reveal weapons, which, coupled with a reason for a traffic stop, prompts lawyers to a diagnosis of “insanity” for the ranger.

“Let’s start with the fact that this man takes a Taser and shoots Gage with no provocation from Gage whatsoever,” said attorney Shannon Kennedy. “There is no communication, there is no de-escalation. That park ranger is insane, he’s out of his mind. What is he arresting him for? Driving too fast down a country road, and he takes his life over that? It’s a citation, it’s a warning. It’s not a death sentence.”

To date, the U.S. Attorney’s Office is investigating the incident.

Author: Usa Really