Man Accused of Plotting to Burn Down Condo, ‘Kill All the Jews’
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Man Accused of Plotting to Burn Down Condo, ‘Kill All the Jews’

Miami Beach PD

MIAMI BEACH, FL – July 16, 2108

Police arrested a 72-year-old man in Miami Beach, on Thursday, right as he appeared to be moving forward with a plan to burn down his condominium building and “kill all the Jews” inside, according to the police report. Walter Stolper faces charges of attempted arson and attempted murder.

Miami Beach police officer Ernesto Rodriguez said investigators received a credible tip that Stolper was planning to burn down The Pavilion Residences on Collins Avenue.

Witnesses said Stolper was angry after having recently been served with eviction papers.

Stolper reportedly said he planned to fill plastic containers with gas, pour them down the main drain line and ignite it. He also said he had purchased padlocks to put on the fire hoses to prevent the fire department from using them, according to his arrest report.

After receiving a tip, police arrested Stolper in the garage of his building while he was carrying two plastic containers filled with gasoline. Police found eight plastic containers filled with gas in the garbage chute dumpster. The containers were identical to the ones Stolper had in the shopping cart.

 According to the arrest affidavit, gas had been poured down the chute from the 15th floor -- the same floor on which Stolper lived.

While interviewing Stolper in his 15th-floor unit, they observed artifacts with swastikas and books of Nazi ideology. They also noticed that Stolper had destroyed the smoke detector in his unit which was hardwired into the building’s fire system.

Rodriguez said detectives later found a storage room in the building holding 28 additional containers filled with gas, sulfur powder and potassium nitrate.

A friend of Stolper's helped to prevent the disaster by notifying police after noticing something strange in his behavior.

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