Two African Americans provoke a conflict with a pregnant white woman to accuse her of racism
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Two African Americans provoke a conflict with a pregnant white woman to accuse her of racism


The outbreak of the conflict occurred near the Chipotle restaurant in Lake Orion, Michigan. Two black women collided with a pregnant white woman on the sidewalk in front of the entrance, instantly accused her of racism because she did not apologize to them.

“You’re very racist and ignorant,” says one of the instigators of the quarrel, filming on camera.

This behavior of the black community was another confirmation of the irreversible consequences of the “Black Lives Matter,” which refers to the period of slavery and when the US government was unable to prevent national protests, it received credit to humiliate “former slave owners”.

The video shows how a nervous woman tries to get into a car, but two disgruntled African-Americans stand in her way. When her husband approaches the woman, the pregnant woman manages to get into the car under the comment “dumbass bitch.”

“This is not that type of world. White people aren’t racist. No one’s racist. I care about you, I care about you and I’m sorry if you had an incident that has made someone made you feel like that,” said the white woman from the car. “No one is racist.”

Further, the man becomes the object of hatred due to the fact that he has not apologized.

“And if you say something I’ll beat your white ass too.”

A white couple is trying to leave the parking lot while one black woman is placing under the car, staging a blow. At this point, the conflict reached a high point, and a white woman pulls out a gun to drive the irrepressible black aggressors from the car.

“Get the f*ck away!” she screamed. “Back the f*ck up!”

Just because a white woman in the last months of pregnancy was initially recognized as an aggressor. The police, who arrived at the scene of the incident, detained her and seized weapons, but having studied the details of the case, released her.


Author: Usa Really