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This is what America is made of
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This is what America is made of


Hi fellas! Here again, one more podcast, which, I noticed, that you are not listening! Cmon guys, I do my best! I select cool news, I state my thoughts. STOP just reading, at least one time try to listen, perhaps this format you’ll like even more than sweet donuts in the middle of the night.

So let’s begin with listing our today’s topics, I’m warning, all my thoughts are graphic, so listen to them carefully with 'all lives matter condoms' and try to compare what is really going on in the US and that you were hoping to happen.

I’m more than just sure that your expectations of ruining the corrupt system were kinda different. I just wanna tell that total defunding the police will lead civilized society to degradation and flooding in crimes, I don’t want to blame any people of any color, you just have to understand – along with the fight against cops the protest is trying to whip the whole American history off.

Yes, I know, the US history is pretty racist but, just hold on, IF you eliminate everything related to the racist moments of the history – then your kids, grandchildren, and next generations will never know how the United States of America became what it is now.

And I guys can’t forgive you for completely forgetting about the genocide of the indigenous people of America.

So let’s begin with a bunch of good news. CHOP is Annihilated! Are you happy? I’m sure you are! Why is this good news? First of all, when somebody shoots another one you can blame police for inaction, am I right? Cuz guys, when Antifa and BLM captured this six blocks and expelled police, some part of blacks in Seattle dreamed of a utopia without the government, without stores, without police – but reality kicked their butts and showed that modern American, no matter of skin color is helpless on front of the fire, hunger and firearms in the hands of drunk warlords, which call themselves CHOP security – what the hell?

And I wanna take your attention to Mayor. That is a really funny character! Just listen – to hold the mayor’s post she was ready to sacrifice any BLM activist inside of the uncontrolled zone. And she thought that absences of law enforcement in this district could allow her to avoid any consequences, and indeed it worked, if you don’t count the class action lawsuit from the business owners, but this case will end, I think in 10 years.

So let’s continue with the controversy. I want to recall some incident with a white cop and white driver who was shot due to speeding on a dirt road. I know that you’ll say something like ‘no one cares for the death of some random guy’ but you should remember that George Floyd was murdered while he was intoxicated by meth and alcohol, he had 9 criminal charges and this white guy whose ‘Life doesn’t Matter’ just denied to turn around.

In addition, the whole of this BLM protest ruined cities, monuments, injured and killed civilians and cops because of a criminal, don’t forget this.

And the final news is about a white pregnant woman who almost shot two idiots. I’ll explain, at first, media treat this story like the white woman is guilty just because she is white and the aims were the black, but if you lay this incident out and check the details you’ll see that two African American provoked her to self-defense by yelling, and finally by standing, intentionally standing right behind the moving car.

As I know the police responded, they detained this white woman but later released. But in my opinion, this story shouldn’t end like this, in my opinion, the police should at least cited that black females. I call events like this triggering! Some people creating conflicts from nothing and walk on the streets unpunished.


Author: Usa Really