"Are you gonna shoot him?" Video shows a brave woman convinces cops to put their guns away during man's arrest while filming
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"Are you gonna shoot him?" Video shows a brave woman convinces cops to put their guns away during man's arrest while filming


A video uploaded on Twitter by @BlackDefendants captured an emotional moment when a woman, filming the detention, tries to intervene in an arrest of a black man which could apparently end up in the death of another African-American. A comment to the video says “this woman deserves a Nobel Prize for her brave spirit.”

The footage starts when a black man standing on his knees saying something to a white female officer. The officer orders to raise his hand which he does crossing them locked behind his head.

At this time, three other patrol crews surround the man and multiple cops are pointing their guns at him. This is the moment when the woman begins to speak commenting on what is going on.

“…And they have their guns drawn on this young black man right here,” she says.

She then asks officers, “why are you having your guns pulled on this young man?”

The man, still standing on his knees, can be heard telling her, “I’ve got no weapons.”

“He has no weapons on him,” she repeats applying to the cops.

The man then starts to explain to her why he is being detained while the cops continue to shout “keep your hands behind your head.” The operator asks the young man’s name and he says that his name is William.

“Get out of my way,” another female officer can be heard saying before William again tries to assure that he has no weapons.

“Are you gonna shoot him?” the woman repeatedly asks the cops.

“Relax, baby, relax,” the woman tells William, “cause they will shoot you, they killed my boyfriend in 2015. Yes, he was killed by the police.”

The cops still point guns, now at both of them.

“You, guys, shoot me too right? For filming, right?" she asks the cops.

"We live!” she shouts implying that this is a livestream video. “Look at this big ass gun she’s got on this man with no weapon.”

“Is this necessary?” she then wonders when several other police cruisers with wailing sirens appearing in the area. “I’m sorry, I just need to know, is all this gun drawn on him necessary?”

She then introduces herself to the cops and begins to tell them the story of her boyfriend that was killed by police in December 2015. 

“This is crazy to me,” she adds.

Eventually, the woman, whose name is Skye, gets emotional and starts crying but keeps on talking to the cops who look really stunned with the woman’s bravery. “Are you about to kill this man?” she asks.

“Look at this baby, look at this baby,” she says filming the man still on his knees. She then begs William not to move otherwise the cops could open fire. “Can somebody put your guns out and get him, please?”

At this moment a group of cops approaches the man from behind to handcuff him while the woman pleases William, “Don’t resist them, ok?”

The video ends with a cop in the frame coming up to the woman obviously to order her to stop filming.

Who knows, maybe this woman saved the young man’s life.


Author: Usa Really