Graphic video shows man shot at police headquarter after he breaks out of handcuffs and gets officer's gun
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Graphic video shows man shot at police headquarter after he breaks out of handcuffs and gets officer's gun


The San Diego Police have released a graphic video showing a moment of a man in a custody freeing from the handcuffs inside the police cruiser parked in headquarter garage and getting hand on an officer’s service gun, forcing the other officers at the scene open fire and injuring him.

25-year-old suspect was delivered to the department in the back seat of the police vehicle.

"The man was evaluated for being under the influence and placed under arrest," police explained. "A search of his pockets revealed methamphetamine and five credit cards that did not belong to him. He was taken to police headquarters for processing."

The security camera footage shows a female officer is opening a back door when realizing that the man has no handcuffs on and that he pulled out a gun. She calls for a backup and multiple officers surround the car.

The other part of the video shows a footage from one of the officer’s bodycam. The cop pointing a gun at the backseat door’s window can be heard repeatedly shout, “let me see your hands.” And then adding, “He’s got a gun.”   

“Bro, let me see your hands. Stop, we don’t want to shoot you,” the same cop tells the suspect.

It had no success. The officers then backed up and were holding their position until the suspect shot several rounds at the rare window of the vehicle. He then reached out through the broken glass to open the backseat door and crawls out of the cruiser. He goes to the rear hatch and then tries to open the front door.  

"He exits with the backpack and the handgun tucked in his waist. He tries and fails to open the rear hatch."

This is the moment when the officer fires three rounds at him. The suspect falls on the floor and the K-9 officer deployed at the scene lets the dog go for the suspect.

He was then taken into custody for the second time without further incident. He was transported to a local medical facility for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Name of the suspect neither the names of the officers involved in the incident have been immediately released pending the end of the investigation.

“The Internal Affairs Unit will conduct an investigation to determine if there were any policy violations, and the Shooting Review Board will evaluate the tactics used by the officers. The Community Review Board on Police Practices will conduct a review of the incident and provide any appropriate recommendations. The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the United States Attorney's Office will also be monitoring the investigation,” the San Diego Police Department said in a night press release on Wednesday.

Author: Usa Really