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The Era Between the Black and the Red
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The Era Between the Black and the Red


Hello, everybody! Here I am again with my podcast. So today I will represent you a shortlist of social news of the past week.

After several Donald Trump verbal attacks on China and cutting all the Chinese IT companies from the US market, the paid 150 million of dollars to censor pro-Trump communities. I am still surprised that such powerful countries like the USA and China don’t use the diplomacy as a lever to de-escalate all the issues, OR Trump just wanna rule the market by himself, that explains everything because right now China can dictate the rules for the whole world because all high-technology devices are manufacturing in there.

So I feel we warm up, and can start to tell you a story of how all violent black lives matter members harassing Americans with impunity.

The first case is about black Washington guy, who is very brave only in front of kids, he dares to call them “cracker ass and a little bitch” just because nobody can stop him in the Era of the blind defending of only black people. How do I know about that? Because not many people complain about this incident, you might think ‘tolerance’ I call it ‘fear’. The fear of becoming the white supremacist.

Few words more, we live in times of the laws, and as I know any crime has an expiration date, like rapes, murders, or robbery. So if the victims, judges, and criminals can’t be prosecuted after a long period, for example, 50 years, why should we care for the slavery which was legit 400 years ago? Come on guys, right now we don’t have slavery, capitalism is counting. We innocent people must kneel in front of black guys, just because of their skin color.

Another shitty incident occurred in California, the tolerance society named it ‘hate crime’ and vandalizing after a couple of MAGA followers tried to paint BLM mural over with black paint. We should compare this to demolishing dozens of statues and burnings of the US flag, which is right now is not punishable.

Next two news I’ll combine in one. Washington and California decided to create the anti-whites environment by giving unconditional privilege to non-white students. First of all, the democratic officials wanted to grant all students of color with free tuition and second of all after re-opening schools after the pandemic, all minorities will have priority above the white students. Just to clear this issue, I wanna tell that I glad to know that the real minority – students, will gain the possibility to have a good education for free, BUT why the officials exclude white people or they think that the whites can’t be poor, homeless or disabled.

Let’s back to the hate crime topic. Some insane BLM and LGBT activists along with law enforcement, trying to charge drivers for driving over their sings as ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural or rainbow. I remind you that BLM activists looted and destroyed private and public property for hundreds of millions of dollars. More of that no one gets in jail exactly for these crimes, as I remember all of the arrested people were charged with assault or vandalism or robbery.

And at the end of my podcast, I also want to tell you a story about a cheap influencer who tried to exploit the topic of ‘racism-hate crime,’ whatever, by placing racist notes on his own car. Police prove that it was a hoax.

But such blind faith in words that only black lives matter leads to the death of white young woman, mother of the 3-year-old kid just because she said not ‘black’, but ‘all lives matter’. She received two shots in the head for these words.

In my opinion, not any words worth the sacrifies of someone’s life just because of the idea or a slogan.


Author: Usa Really