The Trump and Putin Press Conference Started in Helsinki
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The Trump and Putin Press Conference Started in Helsinki


HELSINKI, FINLAND — July 16, 2018

Trump said that "the disagreements between our two countries are well-known and president Putin and I discussed them at length today."

He says to address world problems the two countries are going to have to work together.

“Even during the tensions of the Cold War, when the world looked much different than it does today, Russia and the US were able to maintain a strong dialogue.”

“Our relationship has never been worse than it is now. However, that changed. As of about four hours ago.”

Watch live as Trump and Putin hold a join press conference from Helsinki.

Though, Putin started press conference first and said the Cold War is a thing of the past.

“Today both Russia and the United States face a whole new set of challenges.”

In particular, Russia and US interests don’t always “dovetail,” but “the overlapping interests abound.”

He talks about Syria and how to get refugees back to their home and how the US and Russia have communicated about their intervention there.

He said they are “glad” issues with North Korea “are starting to resolve.”

He added that they agreed to put together a high-level working group to solve problems together in nudging Ukrainian leadership.

“We agreed, me and president Trump, we agreed to put together a high-level working group” of Russia and American businessmen, Putin says.

As for Russian meddling in the US election, Putin said that "Russia never interfered and doesn’t plan to interfere in US domestic politics, including elections."

"If any such material, if such things arise, we are ready to discuss them together," he concluded.

Earlier there was just a skirmish in the press conference hall.

The unknown man came to the public with a poster “Nuclear weapons ban treaty”. He was forcibly removed from the room.

The man identified himself as a US journalist from The Nation, according to reporters who witnessed the altercation, but that has not been confirmed.

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