MUST WATCH VIDEO! Black Portland police officer speaks about everything we need to know about the protests
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MUST WATCH VIDEO! Black Portland police officer speaks about everything we need to know about the protests


A Portland police officer, who is black, during the press-conference last week spoke about the true situation with the unrest in the city and how life for the police officers has changed for the weeks of violent protests.

He also pointed out that there are often more minorities among the law enforcement than among the Black Lives Matter protesters.

Officer Jachary Jackson, who is a 10-year veteran for Portland police said:

“It says something when you’re at a Black Lives Matter protest, you have more minorities on the police side than you have in a violent crowd and you have white people screaming at black officers, ‘You have the biggest nose I’ve ever seen.’”

When asked about what it was like “in that capacity in the first few weeks when that fence was up around the Justice Center,” Jackson replied:

“I got to see folks that really do want change, like the rest of us, that have been impacted by racism, and then I got to see those people get faded out by people that have no idea what racism is all about, never experienced racism, that don’t even know that the tactics that they are using are the same tactics that were used against my people,” Jackson replied. “And they don’t even know that. They don’t even know the history; they don’t know what they’re saying. Coming from someone who graduated from PSU [Portland State University] with a history degree, it’s actually frightening. You know, they say if you don’t know your history, you’ll repeat it, and watching people do that to other people …”

Jackson continued:

“There’s a saying that if you’re a black cop, you’re not black.’ I take this uniform off, I’m suspicious. I look like someone that these people would call the police on. Me putting on this uniform does not erase that history I’ve had.”

Speaking on the Black Lives Matter protestors Jackson noted that it angered him to see the pictures of the protestors looting a black owned business.

"I'm like, they are not from here, they don't even know what they're even doing. These folks don't know what they're even doing... it's devisive,it's hurting the community. I saw that press-conference and clearly the community was not happy with that, and they asked for the violence to stop."

"I had taken an explosive, I had been hit with a full beer can, a rcok in my chest,frozen water bottle had hit me."

Watch the video below:

Author: Usa Really