Will Mark Zuckerberg Be America's Next President?
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Will Mark Zuckerberg Be America's Next President?


Mark Zuckerberg is running for President, let that sink in for a moment. This is the only reasonable conclusion one can draw after observing his recent spate of unusual, highly choreographed behavior. Which included, but was not limited to: embarking on a listening tour to meet Trump voters where they live in swing states, during which he visited a Ford plant, visiting families affected by opioid addiction in Dayton Ohio, and feeding baby cows on a Wisconsin farm.

Will Mark Zuckerberg Be America's Next President?

Will Mark Zuckerberg Be America's Next President?

This is all in addition to previous, obviously, political posturing which he has engaged in, such as coming out in support of Black Lives Matter, leading the charge to "protect Muslims" and marching with his facebook underlings in a San Francisco gay pride march.

Granted a cynic could observe all of this and still conclude that it is, at best a publicity stunt or perhaps merely an outgrowth of Zuckerberg's own megalomania. Maybe Zuckerberg actually does think that rubbing shoulders with some Iowan yokels will help him to fulfill his Davos class destiny of lifting the masses out of their prole ignorance and into the light of his techno-utopian vision of granting the unfettered ability to click endlessly through sponsored content while remaining "social."

But there has been a red flag which exposes the observations of the jaded Zuckerberg cynics as little more than optimists desperately engaged in wish thinking. Namely that Zuckerberg, is now a believer, having apparently abandoned his former atheism in favor of believing, in his words, that: "religion is very important." While not exactly constituting an articulation of profound theological truth, the statement is nonetheless telling. Such a change of course by the world's richest small-souled bugman was certainly no accident as almost all of his public actions are generally well choreographed in order to cultivate a particular persona. And according to sources close to the Zuc himself, his presidential ambitions are deadly serious and are more than just mere fantasy, with a possible run date of 2024 being floated privately.

Seasoned observers may scoff at such a suggestion, after all, even if Zuckerberg did decide to make a serious run as an independent he would be doomed to failure (as all independent candidates in the American system inherently are.) This sort of analysis makes the mistake of assuming Zuckerberg would be incapable of gaining the nomination of a major party. Is this outcome really so unlikely though?

While the nomination of the Republican party, dominated as it presently is by an electorate which venerates Alex Jones and Donald Trump and viscerally hates coastal elites like Zuckerberg, would obviously be off the table, the Democratic party presents far fewer such challenges.

In many ways, the Democratic party as it has evolved since Bill Clinton reimagined it in the 1990s, is the perfect vehicle for Zuckerberg's ambitions. The party of the creative class of which Zuckerberg is the scion and apotheosis, it's ideological ambitions mirror Zuckerberg's almost exactly. Both seek to micromanage the lives of normal Americans so as to best maximize their productivity in the neoliberal marketplace and thus increase the profits of the international corporations which they represent. Both also are enemies of traditional American religious values, especially its sexual mores, which they believe are repressive. Both also support vast increases in immigration levels so as to ensure the corporations they represent have a reliable supply of cheap labor as well as to erode the traditional civil society traditionally enjoyed by middle Americans, which they view as a potential threat to their power. And finally, both are also dedicated to a regime of mass surveillance and mass censorship, as Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated, time and again.

Getting the Democratic nomination will surely not be easy for Zuckerberg, especially in light of the fact that there currently is a major political insurgency within the party that consists of democratic socialists and others who oppose the pro-corporate, pro-war policies pursued by the Clintonite Neoliberals who run the party. Zuckerberg's primary advantage, however, is that he will have the support of the party's elite class, who have the ultimate say over who ultimately becomes the party's nominee. This was made quite evident during the 2016 primaries, when Bernie Sanders, who was overwhelmingly popular amongst many democratic voters had his campaign sabotaged by democratic party insiders, who had already decided that Hillary Clinton would be the party's nominee, regardless of the opinion of the voters.

Hence, it is likely that much like Hillary Clinton before him Zuckerberg will be able to obtain the Democratic nomination with the help of the corporate oligarchy which currently controls both the Democratic party and much of the United States as well.

After he obtains the nomination things obviously will become a bit more tricky for Zuckerberg, as he will have to face a Republican in a general election. Assuming he decides to run in 2024 and not 2020 (in which he would have to face Donald Trump) he will likely face an unpopular Republican like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush, for which there is little enthusiasm amongst the Republican base. Hence he will likely have the advantage, especially as the electorate will most likely be tired of Republicans after 8 years of Donald Trump.

And this will be the moment of greatest danger for normal Americans. Zuckerberg, while certainly not charismatic, is very intelligent and also a believer in the dangerous ideology of techno-neoliberalism which seeks to ensure increased profits for corporate shareholders through the destruction of traditional American freedoms through censorship and mass surveillance as well as the destruction of the family  and the rights of workers to be paid a fair wage.

Thus, we need to be vigilant to ensure that we never have to hear the words "President Zuckerberg."

Author: P.D. Corday