Unmarked CBP cars kidnapping protesters in Portland: The mayor calls it "abusing of power" and demands the withdrawal
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Unmarked CBP cars kidnapping protesters in Portland: The mayor calls it "abusing of power" and demands the withdrawal


Human rights groups are sounding the alarm over the numerous illegal detentions of protesters in Portland, who were taken away in unmarked vehicles.

The protests in Portland have been going on for almost 50 days and, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) interviews, for one week, unmarked cars have been circulating the city streets, detaining BLM protesters.

"What is happening now in Portland should concern everyone in the United States," commented the interim executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Oregon Jann Carson on the situation. "Usually when we see people in unmarked cars forcibly grab someone off the street, we call it kidnapping.


"The actions of the militarised federal officers are flat-out unconstitutional and will not go unanswered," he added.


At the same time, Mayor Ted Wheeler attacked the federal government with criticism and demands to remove the paramilitaries from the city.

"Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city," Wheeler said during a news conference on Friday. "This is part of the core media strategy out of Trump's White House: to use federal troops to bolster his sagging poll data. And it is an absolute abuse of federal law enforcement officials."


In its defense, the CBP argued that the concealment of the distinctive markings should protect agents from potential personal threats, as the recent personal data leaks clearly show that radical protesters are on the hunt for law enforcement officials.

"The CBP agents identified themselves and were wearing CBP insignia during the encounter," the statement added. "The names of the agents were not displayed due to recent doxing incidents against law enforcement personnel who serve and protect our country."

Also, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that the interrogations were carried out as part of the procedure and all employees participating in them presented to the interrogated and had marks.

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Author: Usa Really