Portland Football Coach Believes Fired For Police Service: School District Denies All
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Portland Football Coach Believes Fired For Police Service: School District Denies All


This week Ken Duilio was stripped of his position as a football coach without explanation. Duilio believes that his dismissal is related to two episodes of violence 20 years ago.

“The first was an altercation between five gang-associated males and three off-duty officers outside a Portland restaurant. The attack was thought to be a retaliatory effort on behalf of the gang members for a previous encounter with the officers,” reports JustTheNews. “The second incident involved Duilio shooting a man named Bruce Browne. Duilio responded to a call about a man wielding a gun at a convenience store gas station. Before Duilio arrived, Browne wrestled the 9mm handgun from the man in questions, Duilio mistook Browne for the criminal offender and shot him.”

According to the coach himself, he was asked to voluntarily leave the position several times, but after rejections, Marshall Haskins, the Portland Public Schools athletic director, announced that the contract between Cleveland High School and Duilio, an employee of the Portland Police Bureau, would not be renewed.

According to Duilio, a group of activists puts pressure on the school leadership to fire the coach, who combines work with children and serving in the police. He was most actively kicked out after a press conference on June 26, where he spoke in a police uniform.

In response to Duilio's statement, Marshall Haskins denied the influence of outside forces on the decision to dismiss.

“We don’t make decisions based on pressure from parents or outside people,” said Haskins.

Author: Usa Really