Trump-Putin Meeting: Reflections & Opinions
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Trump-Putin Meeting: Reflections & Opinions


WASHINGTON — July 17, 2018

Alfredo Miranda especially for USA Really

For some, this was one of the most important moments in the history of diplomacy. For others, especially in the so-called Deep State, the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki will be remembered as a tragedy and an embarrassment for America.

Michael Werz (National Security Team, CAP): “We have seen a really extraordinary summit, which one cannot describe, but disgraceful performance of the American President, who has including attacking on his own country and blaming the U.S. for bad relations with Russia.”

Regardless of the extreme opinions, the fact is that the meeting between these two leaders is extremely important. Some, in the US argue that promoting a open dialogue between the two world powers will not only benefit Russia and the US, but also the whole world.

Eugene Puryear (Activist, Author): “The two nations, whatever you think of either of them, can collaborate on a number of things from, you know, exploitation of materials to Syria, to Ukraine, to nuclear weapons more generally, there are many spheres both countries can work together, make it improve peace, justice in the world in different ways.”

In Washington, home of the American foreign policy, Trump was criticized, even by his own Republican supporters. Republican Senator John McCain said that “It is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake”. The mainstream media also seems to disagree with President Trump's approach to Russia.

Brian Becker (ANSWER Coalition, Coordinator): “Perhaps, the most important thing about the summit is the reaction of the U.S. media to it. Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin, and said the U.S. and Russia should have better relations, since the relations were at the all time low. And for that Trump is actually being attacked, as if he is a traitor.”

Despite the criticism of Trump’s performance at the joint press conference, analysts say that this summit represents an unprecedented diplomatic achievement for Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Michael Werz (National Security Team, CAP): “I’m sure, when Vladimir Putin and his team fly back from Helsinki to Moscow, they’ll open the champagne bottles. That was a unique diplomatic and political victory against the United States for them.”

Historically, the US and Russia were very much apart in terms of ideology, culture and foreign relations. On occasions, however, both nations would come together, and for this reason, many see the meeting at Helsinki as a sign of better understanding. A reset of some sorts.

Brian Becker (ANSWER Coalition, Coordinator): “When George W. Bush came to office, he said, we wanted better relations with Russia, when Barack Obama came to office, he and Hillary Clinton said, let’s press that reset button, so to have better relations with Russia. Now if Donald Trump comes to Helsinki and just talks to Vladimir Putin, it’s considered he gave away the store, he surrendered to Vladimir Putin, this is ridiculous.”


Author: USA Really