Seattle police seize dozens of improvised explosives and other weapons that were intended to arm protesters
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Seattle police seize dozens of improvised explosives and other weapons that were intended to arm protesters


Authorities managed to seize an entire van of various pyrotechnics and other weapons that were alleged to be used against police and federal agents in Seattle.

“A witness reported to Seattle Police that the same van was observed earlier in the day on Broadway with the rear doors open and people standing around it. The witness reported observing what appeared to be improvised shields, gas masks, baseball bats and a large assortment of pyrotechnic explosives inside the van,” Seattle Police Department says.

Previously, local officials had inspired BLM protesters to "protest peacefully," but every peaceful protest always ended in riots and physical conflicts between the police and an angry mob.

Judging by the photo, there were no firearms among the seized pyrotechnics. The police are currently looking for those involved in supplying the violent protests.

“Detectives applied for and obtained a search warrant and search the van. Detectives located firework pyrotechnics, bear mace, improvised spike strips and nails. In addition, detectives also located gas masks, shin guards/helmets and other body armor, homemade shields and other items. These are just a few of the items found during the search.”


This is not an isolated case in which the Black Lives Matter movement has used outside assistance to damage public and private property. Recent protests in New York have also been fueled by bats from an unknown vehicle.

ICE's Atlanta office was attacked with homemade explosives stuffed with nails.

Black Lives Matter is an International Organization that serves as a trans-shipment point for anonymous money from around the world in favor of the US Democratic Party. Accordingly, the richest people from other countries, or 'through independent community organizations' outside the United States, can anonymously support and arm the BLM savages to fight back against the police force.

Image: - City of Seattle

Author: Usa Really