Epstein's Girlfriend Case Files Revealed Prince Andrew Has 3 Sexual Contacts with a Minor
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Epstein's Girlfriend Case Files Revealed Prince Andrew Has 3 Sexual Contacts with a Minor


New details on the case of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were revealed in court, when it was decided to release documents testifying to the sophisticated methods of manipulation and blackmail of influential people.

In particular, one of the lovers of underage girls turned out to be Prince Andrew, although according to the testimony of a sex slave, Virginia Giuffre knew him only as “prince”. According to the papers, the late Epstein instructed the children before placing them at the disposal of those whom he intended to blackmail in the future.

“Give the prince whatever he demanded and report back to him on the details of the sexual abuse,” Epstein ordered Giuffre, who is featured in the case as Jane Doe # 3.

Amid accusations of pedophilia, in November last year, the press center of Buckingham Palace announced that Andrew had temporarily resigned from his official duties as a member of the royal family.

According to the disclosed information, Jane Doe # 3 first had a sexual relationship with Prince Andrew at a residence on a private island in the US Virgin Islands. Two other cases have been designated Maxwell's London flat and New York apartments.

In numerous photos, the billionaire sex trafficker Epstein now and then gets into the social circle of the current US President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and a number of other influential officials and public figures from around the world have been repeatedly seen.

Jane Doe # 3 has been doing the dirty work for Epstein and his loyal recruiter, Ghislaine Maxwell, for about three years since 1999. In 2002, she managed to escape and take refuge in another country, although her age may have contributed to this, because at that time she was already an adult and was not of interest to either sex traffickers or their clients.

Today, Maxwell is being held in New York prison. She is accused of recruiting three underage girls.

Author: Usa Really