Vaping on the Rise in Kentucky
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Vaping on the Rise in Kentucky


RICHMOND – July 17, 2018

Parents in and around the city of Richmond, Kentucky are concerned with the rise of vaping among teens in the area, local media reports.

While Kentucky high school students continue to smoke at higher rates than their national counterparts (14.3 percent to 8.8 percent), their rates continue to drop. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that an influx of new vaping products could reverse this downward trend, especially the popular “Juul” e-cigarette, which packs a powerful nicotine punch in dozens of flavors. And because it is small and looks like a USB drive, it is easy to hide from parents and teachers.

“A lot of people think it’s just vapor,” Dr. Presser said. “It tastes nice and smells nice. But there’s no doubt they are harmful. You are inhaling chemicals. Common sense tells us we should be breathing clean air. There’s no real solid evidence on long-term effects (of vaping).”

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